Parents are welcome to accompany their child into the treatment area during the initial exam and all appointments. This allows you the opportunity to see our outstanding staff in action and allows Dr. Scott or Dr. Kelli to discuss their dental findings and treatment needs directly with you. We do ask that if you accompany your child you will assume the role of a silent observer. Your presence is greatly enhanced if you play a passive role. If more than one person is speaking to the child they sometimes become confused. Cooperation and trust must be established directly between Dr. Scott/Dr. Kelli and your child, and not through you.


We ask that siblings remain in the reception room or play area. There may be times when a child’s experience is enhanced by a parent’s absence. We encourage older children to come back by themselves as this builds confidence and trust. Older children, such as 5 and older, typically do better without a parent present. Also, older children who are a bit apprehensive may look for an “escape” by going to their parents. In this case, we may ask that a parent waits in the reception area during treatment to facilitate a more direct line of communication between the child and Dr. Scott/Dr. Kelli.

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